Every once in a while I forget that I lack the discipline and skills to become an artist for DC or Marvel comics (Who knows maybe Charlton would have taken me on in a pinch). And that's when I go back to trying some illustrated story-telling. Sadly, almost all of my earlier (and I think quite interesting) work was eaten by mice while I was off in the Big City trying to improve my education. I'm not joking, it was pretty traumatic. Stupid mice.

So I have to be content with my later and frankly much simpler efforts.

And so shall you. :(

Atomic Boy2 (2).jpg

Atomic Boy

Was the Hanna-Barbara cartoon character that I invented for myself back in the day when the only things on Saturday mornings in Saskatoon were Davey & Golith stop motion religious instruction videos, abstract Czech cartoons and some doddering old coot talking about chicken farming.

About 40 years later I finally tried to tell the story of Atomic Boy. The narrative was somewhat more limited than I expected. 

Perhaps it was a mistake to kill AB on page one. Now we'll never know what Electron Girl's problem was and what that hysterical robot was doing there. The origin and purpose of the Mystical Mollusc of the After-Life is pretty obvious.

Pete: Ghost with social anxiety

This one was the creation of my son Evan. He invented the character, wrote the story and asked me to illustrate it.


Pete is working hard to deal with his problems and he shares a rather dumpy apartment in a neighbourhood, not too unlike the one we live in, with his best friend who is a skeleton and his girlfriend who is a gelatinous blob.

I really liked where this one was going and I wish we'd get around to finishing at least one chapter in Pete's story.