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Coming Soon to a Brain Near You!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Actually that brain is very near you. In fact, it's inside your head. In fact, it's your brain!

In fact, your brain is calling you from the basement of your house!!! RUN!!!

Sorry, I can get pretty silly when I'm excited. And I'm very excited right now. That's part of the press release for my new book The Progressive and More Fantasticals up there. It's coming out in just over a month and I'm absolutely delighted with what Brain Lag Publishing has done with it. Plus there's going to be some fun-filled happenings to celebrate the book including a virtual launch party on February 13; over on the Opinions page of this site you'll hear media guru Alan Gordon interview me about writing weird stories and generally being weird; and there will be lots more strange and wonderful things to come!

And here's the second part of the press release because I know you are all desperate to know more!

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