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Preferably on a clear night.

Back in October 1967, something weird seemed to crash in the waters just off the fishing village of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. Even more more weird followed and what emerged was the makings of a Canadian Roswell. Here's a bit of background on what happened:

There's a small interpretation centre dedicated to the crash and every year they hold an annual UFO festival. The village is also next to a provincial "dark skies" preserve so it's also a great place to do some star-gazing and UAP seeking.

So with flying saucers, local history and a museum all mashed up -- I just had to go and speak at their festival back in 2017. It was incredible fun and I got to meet Chris Styles who's done some excellent research into the Shag Harbour incident, even traveling to Ottawa to dig into the relevant files of the RCAF, the RCMP and the National Research Council of Canada.

Recently Chris invited me to share some of my thoughts on Shag Harbour and UFOs in general on the Forbidden Science podcast:

I had a wonderful time but somehow, the aliens found a way to make me look so tremendously old!

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