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Sleepwalking in Space!

Rejoicing at Spencer Central Toronto continues as I read my copy of The Light Between Stars. I was looking over Simon’s story “Awakening” (read it, it’s great!) and I noticed that it contains some of my favourite science fiction concepts:

i) Multi-generational spacecraft (Orphans of the Sky and The Starlost1) and;

ii) Cryogenics (When the Sleeper Wakes and Sleeper).

Then I realized I was applying these ideas to help me get through those lock-down induced time-rubbery days.2 I often get into bed, strap on my C-PAP machine’s breathing mask, slide on the headset of my ancient Walkman radio, dial up either the CBC, one of the classical stations or the jazz station3, and hibernate away a few hours of tedious yet moderately terrifying existence.

I’m not sure whether this is healthy or not. Maybe I’ll try some additional reading instead.


1Yeah, I have a complicated relationship with that show. Now that Harlan Ellison is dead, maybe we can get into that a bit more. Or maybe not. 2Thank you to my friend Erik Zuern for creating this very useful expression. 3Just discovered Snarky Puppy there. They are incredible!

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