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The Roar of an Unlikely (Dot) Connecting to an Unexpected (Dot) Or: What’s In It for Me?

Given the tsunami of information we all have to navigate every day, why the hell would anyone want to spend their very limited time1 on my Retrograde Mentor website? The answer to that question relates to the second part of this post’s title:

You might get something out of the words and images here. Some of the awe and wonder they mention in the opening credits to The Outer Limits plus some insights, fear, hope, laughs, tears, etc. You know, stuff that has meaning, or doesn’t have meaning but somehow sticks with you – like some kind of annoying brain-worm!

Which brings me to the first part of my title. It’s a reference to why “speculative fiction” is special to me. All those wonderful “AHA!” glimpses into new realms and new possibilities just really excite me. They always have, they still do.

Whether it’s that jump-cut in 2001 or H.G. Wells’ Time Traveler, walking on a desolate beach under a dying, expanding sun – billions and billions of years in the future. 2

That sort of thing just feeds my soul.

I do not promise that reading my website will offer blast-you-off-your-feet-revelations every time you stop by for a visit. However, I will do my best to give you something to laugh about and something to think about.3 No guarantees on where content might land on the Profundity Scale.

And if you’ve been connecting some of your own dots in ways that get you excited and inspired? Well, I hope you find some support for that too.


1 In case you haven’t heard, we’re mortal. Start coping. 2 Yeah, I know, these are old works (that is if we’re basing our timelines on conventional human experience) – but I’m old too and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out 2001: Space Odyssey and The Time Machine. 3 Thank you for this insight Cory Doctorow. BTW – Cory is older than he used to be. However, he never seems to get as old as me. Odd that.

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