amazing struggles, astonishing failures & disappointing success

A comedic history of science fiction

I've always found the history of science fiction as fascinating at the content of the stories.  Originally written as a (to-date unperformed) marathon stage production, Amazing Struggles, Astonishing Failures & Disappointing Success is an epic story about the story-tellers -- following the careers of sometimes noble, sometimes venal fanboys and fangirls as they grow into gosh-golly actual professional science fiction writers and boldly go through the joys and disasters of the far-flung 20th Century!

Originally produced by Shoestring Radio Theater.

Series one: "amazing Struggles"

Hang on folks! It's the Great Depression! The Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact and the Atomic Bomb! Plus sinister editors and lots of rejection letters!

Episode One: It's 1938. Can't get published? Maybe International Communism can help.

00:00 / 25:20

Episode Two: Political lust and fantasy manifestos. The journey to the "Ultimate Argument" continues.

00:00 / 24:16

Episode Three: Science Fiction loses it’s innocence and a strange dangerous era dawns! The final episode of Amazing Struggles.

00:00 / 24:31

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