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Episode One: "Student"

This set of radio plays started out as a sequel to Amazing Struggles, Astonishing Failures and Disappoinritng Success. Its a bit of a paradox because it has direct link to one of the scenes in Disappointing Success but it actually works as a stand-alone story. (So it's one of those kind of sequels).


What's also weird is that while ASAFDS was an original radio drama (actually, it started out as some stage plays that never  happened), Cult Stories was executed as prose fiction -- and it ultimately found a home in the Tesseracts 16 anthology (edited by Mark Leslie). You can also find the original story in The Progressive Apparatus and More Fantasticals available at

Cult Stories 1
00:00 / 22:21

Episode two: "Lover"

Hey, with a title like "Lover" how can you not listen? 

I didn't think so.

Cult Stories 2
00:00 / 29:08

Episode Three: "TOURIST"

How far will you go to seek the Truth and/or keep your job?

Cult Stories 3
00:00 / 26:28

Episode Four: "Survivor"

Magic and loss. All things must pass. These aren't just the names of record albums, folks!

Cult Stories 4
00:00 / 26:55


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