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The Transcendental Engineers

Extreme Dentistry

why I hunt flying saucers & other fantasticals

the progressive apparatus and more fantasticals

On The Hard Side of the Moon:


"A loving satire not only of SF but its fan culture as well, Spencer has written a novel that’s both lighthearted and, in its final pages, profound." - Toronto Star


On Why I Hunt Flying Saucers & Other Fantasticals:

“‘Why I Hunt Flying Saucers’ delivers a superb jolt of humour.” ~ Toronto Star

“[O]ne of the best, and most original, stories.” ~ Locus Magazine on “(Coping With) Norm Deviation”

“‘Problem Project’… is a whipsaw change in tone… A tight grin of a story, not quite a laugh, but lingering.” ~ Tangent

“Spencer has fun with quantum realities.” ~ Best SF on “Problem Project”

“‘Pornzilla’ was weird beyond belief.” ~ Best SF

On The Progressive Apparatus & More Fantasticals:

"Toronto author, Hugh A.D. Spencer is a singular voice in Canadian science fiction." - Toronto Star

On Extreme Dentistry:

“Spencer stacks it with so many odd elements that it all works. Well worth searching out.” ~ Toronto Star

“Extreme Dentistry is very funny and quite horrific.” ~ Amazing Stories

“A dark and mordantly funny satire.” ~ Armed and Dangerous

“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy vibe.” ~ Read, Play, Review

On Hugh A. D. Spencer:

"Hugh's work never fails to crack me up and make me think." ~ Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother and Homeland

“Lucid, lyrical, and savvy.” ~ Paul Levinson, author of Unburning Alexandria and The Silk Code

“If you like to laugh and cower at the same time—if you like science fiction that is simultaneously progressive and retro—then you need to read this… Like nothing I’ve ever read before. Highly recommended.” ~ Dale Sproule, author of Psychedelia Gothique

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