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You know how people say “think outside the box”? Well, Hugh wants to know what the box even is, and why should we think outside or inside or anywhere near it? When you enter the world of Hugh A. D. Spencer, there is no box. There is no owl. There is no cat. There is no outside—or inside. Get ready.

From the introduction by Candas Jane Dorsey, multiple award-winning author of Black Wine.


My second collection of short fiction that includes the original Progressive Apparatus cycle plus seven more tales of strangeness.

Stories in this collection include some of my favourite and most recent work, including:

Five Stories About Alan
The Progressive Apparatus
...And the Retrograde Mentor
...Experience Denial Then Acceptance
The Heritage Drug Project
Sticky Wonder Stories
The Meaning of Steel
Ammonite City
Cult Stories
John, Paul, Xavier, Ironside and George (But Not Vincent)


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