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Video & Stage


Rehearsal of "The Triage Conference" for the Scripted Toronto Festival 2019.

Somehow my plan to become Stanley Kubrick, Rod Serling or Christopher Hampton just didn't happen.  Even so, I've been blessed to work with some brave and brilliant actors, stage directors and independent film-makers.

Problem Project

A short film produced by the Toronto Film Coop based on a scene from my short story.  They take events in a somewhat different direction but that's what makes collaboration so interesting!

Art by Richard Bartop

The Progressive Apparatus

Press Picture to Play

Toronto reading of "The Progressive Apparatus".

A reading of my one act play by Praxis Theatre Company.  The genius actor/producer/professor Laura Nordin of the Film Coop and Ryerson University  introduces the piece. Based on my short story originally published in On Spec Magazine.

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