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When I dreamed of being a comic book artist I used drafting pens, mechanical pencils, set squares and a huge wooden drawing board my father made for me. 


These days I've moved onto more mixed and digital media; combining hand-mixed inks, chalk pastels, Lomography and software.  The drawing board is often an electronic one.


 NEW!  Virtual Exhibition: Tragic Adventures in Comicbook Land

This time it's unknown and unfinished works of sequential art by Marvel Comic Book Wannabe Artist Hugh A.D. Spencer. Enjoy the exploits of Atomic Boy and Pete: Ghost with Social Anxiety before they get eaten by mice!


A Jury of Old Men

I was 16 when I first read Franz Kafka's novel The Trial. This pen and ink wash (with some recent digital restoration)  was the result.

Not much of my early work survives, which is a sad story that I may tell some day.

Meanwhile you can have a card or postcard to send to someone you'd like to frighten or depress.



Inspired by classic covers from Astounding Science Fiction, Amazing Stories and my toy robot collection. Come to think of it, this illustration reminds me of what I was trying to do with my radio play "21st Centry Romance"..

Digital painting using Painter Essentials and Picassa software

Meditating Velvet Gentleman

Another piece from my Cosmic Composers series. 


Based on Picasso's drawing of Erik Satie (I love Satie's music and apparently some people say this Picasso fellow is a pretty good artist.)


Landscapes of the Imagination

Places of our past, future, dreams and into the infinit.

If you'd like a card or postcard with one of these drop me a note at

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